Some of our ramblings, enjoy!

2020-09-07, 24 min, by Aron Erben

The coin change problem in Haskell

The coin change problem is a combinatorial problem in which, given a set of coin values and a target value, the goal is to find the amount of all possible coin value combinations to reach the target value. Because of the combinatorial nature, this problem is NP-complete. However, we can alleviate the hardships by employing dynamic programming with memoization and utilizing a neat little property of the problem. To stay true to our values, we solve this problem in Haskell, a purely functional language close to our hearts! :)

2020-04-02, 10 min, by Josef Erben

Sihl Devlog #1: Persistence, Configuration, User Management

Since the announcement of Sihl, we've been working towards the first release.

Version 1.0.0 will stabilize the API, so we can write documentation and encourage others to use Sihl. In this post, we summarize the work so far and what is next on our to-do list.

2020-03-21, 10 min, by Josef Erben

Sihl: Full Stack Web Development in ReasonML

Sihl is a proof of concept of a web framework for Reason. It aims to deal with infrastructure similarly to frameworks like Rails and Django, so we can focus on the essential complexity of our web app.