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We provide consulting services based on our experience in functional programming and safe systems to help you make more bucks.

Some of the
we work with:

How we work

  • Remote and decentralized collaboration over physical presence
  • Results and progress over time spent and effort made
  • Compassion and empathy over careless competence and ego
  • Automated processes over manual work
  • Long-term sustainability over short-term gains
  • Personal freedom and growth over comfortable stagnancy

University of Zurich

We implemented the platform for taking PhD applications for the Zurich Graduate School of Economics. This includes data-driven questionnaires, a recommendation letter workflow and tools for coordinators to monitor, control and export applications.

We delivered continuously to the live environment after the initial deployment of the MVP. ReasonML allowed us to keep the number of bugs low and to ensure long-term maintainability thanks to its strong compile-time guarantees.

Karin Wyss, Head of Graduate Studies

"Over the course of five months Oxidizing Systems built a platform that allowed us to manage over one thousand PhD applications.

Oxidizing Systems was very responsive and change requests were implemented without a hassle. The platform runs smoothly and reliably."

Sihl - A modular functional web framework

Sihl is a high-level framework built on OCaml that makes development fun and safe.



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